About Me

I’ve been writing fiction since five years old, never tiring of the challenges and surprises that come with it. I graduated from WSU in 2013 with a Bachelors in Psychology. I started a Masters in English program but, due to life being what it is, I was not able to continue the program.

During my time at WSU, I tutored a fellow student and served as a Teaching Assistant in a PSY101 class. It was then that I started gaining interest in teaching. In February 2017, my sister began a volunteer Creative Writing workshop at her local library, and I joined as her co-instructor. We still have the same great group of students, along with a few new ones. In February 2019, I joined the team of writers at StrideStar Studios, an indie videogame developer.

I started a blog on Tumblr years ago when writing video game reviews for my job’s newsletter committee. I eventually started doing some other media reviews as well, mostly TV shows. It was when my 29th birthday came closing in on me that I decided I wanted to write about life, about my experiences in it, about being a woman, about being a millennial growing up in this world. So I started a new series called “Goodbye My Twenties”. I’ve found that blogging as a way of journalism is therapeutic, and if it reaches others and helps them through tough times, even better. Sometimes you just need to know that someone gets it.

My twenties have ended, and with it, that blog series. I’m not sure what I want to focus on next, so for now, I am going to post any poems, articles, reviews, or short stories I write. After all, the main idea is to keep writing!

My greatest passions are writing, teaching, video games and animals. When I’m not writing/teaching writing or spending time with my pets/friends/family, you’ll usually find me playing a video game. I’m looking forward to seeing where this decade takes me.